Campus dialogue at the National University of Science & Technology

The NUST Campus Dialogue Peace Project (NCDPP) was formulated in partnership with CCMT and NUST University. The project aims to create a platform where various stakeholders within the University community collectively come up with effective and constructive solutions to conflicts affecting students and staff.

The NCDPP utilises cultural, legal and other resources to champion the cause for dialogue and peace at the campus and its environs.

Initial Dialogue

The initial phase of the project involved the identification of stakeholders who were to be a part of a pool of ‘experts’, building their capacity in the area of conflict transformation and raising awareness within the University about the project. This was done through training and targeted sensitisation meetings which sought to ensure that the group was fully equipped for the task and that they would be accepted by the University community.

campus dialogue

Capacity Building

Since the inception of the project in 2010, the following training sessions have been conducted in order to build the capacity of NCDPP members:

  • Basic conflict management training, which introduced members to the basic concepts of conflict management and transformation 
  • Conflict analysis and communication, which sought to equip members with analytical skills and tools needed in planning and moderating dialogues
  • Dialogue moderation and communication, which equipped members with dialogue moderation skills
  • Dialogue moderation training, which focused on practising dialogue moderation

Awareness Raising

Following the training, the NCDPP focused on raising awareness to ensure that the group was accepted by the NUST community. This was done through sensitisation meetings and training of NUST senior management and administrators.  During this process, both the management and administrators were fully appraised about the project, resulting in four administrators joining the NCDPP.


The NCDPP has been able to share its experiences internationally with other Universities that use the sustained dialogue approach to deal with conflict issues on campus. Members from the group took part in the first ever international summit on sustained dialogue at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.
This experience has inspired NCDPP members to challenge the ways in which they facilitate constructive engagement in conflict issues at the institution.

2012 and Beyond

2012 marks the beginning of a new phase in the project, where CCMT will take a step back and allow NCDPP members to take the lead and put to test the knowledge and skills they have acquired. CCMT will continue to provide technical and financial support to the group as it intervenes on issues at the institution.