Our Work

The work of CCMT is mainly comprised of:

  • Interventions
  • Research & Documentation
  • Information Provision
  • Consultancy

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We carry out direct and indirect conflict interventions in response to requests from parties involved in the conflict or external observers using a holistic approach which comprises:

  • consultations
  • dialogue meetings
  • mediation and negotiation
  • training, seminars and peace building activities

Our interventions see us partnering and working with communities at all levels, from civil society right through to traditional leaders and local and national government.

We aim to ensure that any learning opportunities that arise from an intervention are used to build the capacities of the communities we work with. We do this through co-facilitation and working collaboratively on all processes from the intervention design right through to implementation.

Research & Documentation

Research is an integral part of the organisation and is conducted on a thematic or project basis. Our Monitoring & Evaluating framework, which we continuously work to strengthen and improve, is used to document our field experiences.
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Information Provision

Our on-site library, ‘The Resource Centre’, houses a collection of peace-building and development related books, publications, video materials, journals and research reports.

Our strategic vision is to establish the 'Intervention Centre', an information hub for those coming to learn from CCMT case studies, other peace-building organisations, development agencies and NGOs, private sector organisations and individuals.  


Building on our organisational strengths and expertise, the Consultancy Department provides services to organisations and individuals in:

  • Conflict Management and Transformation Training
  • Organisational Development
  • Commissioned Research
  • Project Evaluations

Campus Sustained Dialogue

Creating a platform where various stakeholders within the University community collectively come up with effective and constructive solutions to conflicts affecting students and staff.

Capacity Building

Learning opportunities arise during our intervention processes. We endeavour to ensure that these are used to create space for community members to deepen their understanding.

Community Associations

CCMT undertook to design trainings to equip ordinary community members with skills to deal with the day to day conflicts ordinary people experience.