Mapping Peace Initiatives in Zimbabwe - Directory

The following is a directory of peace building organisations working throughout Zimbabwe. The data was first collected by CCMT in 2012 and then updated in 2014, as part of the 'Mapping Peace Initiatives in Zimbabwe' project. The project sought to prioritise and analyse conflicts that take place in Zimbabwe's 10 provinces, whilst building a database of organisations that are contributing to peace building. We hope that you will find it useful.

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Address 5925 Hillside,

Main Focus Sensitising and capacitating the communities and churches to work together for peace

Target GroupChurch leaders, community leaders such as village heads...
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Address 15 Robertson Street,

Main Focus Legal Education and Legal Representation

Target GroupCommunity leaders, traditional leaders, grass roots

Address 515 Greenfield street,

Main Focus n/a

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Main Focus monitoring Socio-economic rights, civil and political rights violations

Target GroupPolitical party groups, we work wih Zimbabwe Lawyers fo...
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Address 51 Robertson Street,

Main Focus Promoting Justice and Peace

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Address c/o Cold Storage Company, Masvingo Capital,

Main Focus Child and family focused

Target GroupChildren, women and stakeholders
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Address 6 Broadland Avenue Avondale,

Main Focus Offering rapid response to victimised and arrested students

Target GroupStudents at tetiary level
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Address 182 Duma Residential Area Nyika,

Main Focus Ensuring communities are empowered through information provisions

Target GroupYouths, chiefs, councillors, police officers, teachers
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Address 39/41 Hellet street,

Main Focus Skills development, orphans and vulnerable children support and women, youth empowerment

Target GroupChidren , youth, women and traditional leaders
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Address 88 Speke Avenue 10th floor Chester House,

Main Focus Workers representation , workers rights and human rights issues

Target GroupYoung workers,women structures,shop stewards at the sho...
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