Mapping Peace Initiatives in Zimbabwe - Directory

The following is a directory of peace building organisations working throughout Zimbabwe. The data was first collected by CCMT in 2012 and then updated in 2014, as part of the 'Mapping Peace Initiatives in Zimbabwe' project. The project sought to prioritise and analyse conflicts that take place in Zimbabwe's 10 provinces, whilst building a database of organisations that are contributing to peace building. We hope that you will find it useful.

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Address 388 Nyanungo Complex,

Main Focus Peace Building and Human Rights

Target GroupYouth 18-30 and women
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Address Stand No. 366 Mutoko Rural District Council Mutoko Centre,

Main Focus Gender perspective, HIV and AIDS, human rights, women empowerment, youth in and out of school, peace building and life coping skills

Target GroupWomen, youth, men, political and traditional leaders, p...
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Address 370,

Main Focus Peacebuilding

Target GroupYoung people between the age of 16-35
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Address 250 Highfields,

Main Focus Use of different art forms such as poetry,graffiti art and filmed documentaries to express situations of oppressed people

Target GroupYouths who appreciate art as a form of expressing thems...
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Address All Souls Mission P.Bag 501,

Main Focus To advocate and work for justice and peace, guided by the social teaching of the church for a just and peaceful community.

Target GroupAll community memebers
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Address Stand 152 Murewa Low Density Area,

Main Focus To empower young people in the community with life skills,business knowledge and peace

Target GroupYoung people
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Address All Souls Mission, P.Bag 501,

Main Focus Human Rights, promotion of youths

Target GroupYoung peple below the age of 35, local authorities
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Main Focus Civic participation

Target GroupAll communities especially grasroots people
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Address Plot 84 Sherfield Farm,

Main Focus Our main focus is on youths in business e.g retailing, farming, beekeeping, poultry

Target GroupYouths 18-35 and also work with Ministry of Youth Devel...
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Address No 294 B New Government Stands,

Main Focus Peace building ,Human Rights, Advocacy

Target GroupWe target youths from the age of 15-35 and young women ...
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