Friday, 01 May 2015 03:28

Understanding Conflict through Film

Search for Common Ground (SFCG) has partnered with CCMT’s Consultancy Department to conduct a series of weeklong community outreaches, which centre around the screening of episodes of popular Zimbabwean TV soap ‘The Team’. The outreaches are being carried out in Mvurwi, Gutu, Magunje, Lupane, Rusape and Mutoko.

The 5 day outreaches consist of screenings of selected episodes of the soap, revolving around a community football team whose success is dependent on unity and the support of the community.

The outreaches, which have so far been held in Mvurwi and Karoi, have proved to be highly successful. Through the screenings, participants have been able to identify with and share experiences of conflict issues that are affecting them in their lives. They have also been introduced to conflict transformation concepts and analysis tools as well receiving leadership training.

Participants are made up of community leaders such as councillors, district authorities and traditional leaders as well as members of the communities themselves. As a result of the outreaches, there have already been requests for further training of local leaders.
Mvurwi participant Mrs Gapare said of the outreach “I got the realisation that conflicts are a waste of time and hinder development, so people need to work together”.

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