Friday, 01 May 2015 03:29

The Conflict Series

CCMT has so far completed two out of three documentaries as part of its ‘Transforming through Conflict Series’. The series is a collection of films which show how several communities have dealt with conflicts which have divided them. A third film which focuses on the nature of the relationship between NGOs, the state and communities in Zimbabwe is currently in post production and is due to be released in the New Year.

Filming of the documentaries, which began at the beginning of March, has been an exciting journey for CCMT as several developmental issues and themes have emerged through the films. One film builds the case for the need for conflict sensitivity in implementing development projects whilst another shows what one community can do for itself, given the chance.

Click the links below to watch the CCMT intervention at New Gato Primary and see how one community transformed itself through conflict.

New Gato - A Story of Hope Part 1

New Gato - A Story of Hope Part 2

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