Our Approach

  • Our non prescriptive method means that we only carry out interventions through responding to requests from the communities that approach CCMT themselves for the provision of conflict intervention services.
  • Prior to an intervention, CCMT project officers carry out sensitisation visits where communities are made aware of our services through orientation workshops.
  • Upon submission of a request, we will then work together with the communities involved to develop conflict interventions for that specific community issue.
  • We believe in assisting communities to recognise the value of working constructively with the conflicts they are experiencing, as transforming these conflicts will result in communities that function more effectively. By working with communities on real conflict issues that they are grappling with and transforming these, they begin to appreciate the value of their conflicts as opportunities for positive change.
  • In addition we work closely with selected community members in these interventions with the goal of developing their conflict transformation skills so that they can carry on their work beyond the CCMT intervention.


quote1 Responding to requests from communities helps us to ensure that our interventions are relevant to the community. quote2