Who We Are

The Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) is a Non Governmental Organisation formed in 2003. We work to transform the ways in which societies deal with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. We envision a society where people actively participate in creating social and economic justice by transforming all forms of conflict constructively.
As a learning organisation, we aim to ensure that any thematic issues arising from our interventions are used to inform research into the key drivers of conflict.


CCMT has a five member board that oversees the organisational program, financial management and external relationships. The board is made up of Zimbabwean luminaries who have a distinguished historical role in civic and governance issues.
We work to transform the ways in which societies deal with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. We partner with local government, civil society and communities to find culturally appropriate means to strengthen societies’ capacity to deal with conflicts constructively.

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A society where people actively participate in creating social and economic justice by managing and transforming all forms of conflict constructively.


To enhance communities’ capacity do deal with conflicts by raising awareness and creating synergies among decision makers and local stakeholders in conflict processes, thus building sustainable and constructive impacts towards transforming conflict and enabling stable and durable peace.


The Resource center

CCMT’s on-site library currently houses 1326 resource materials. The collection is made up of paperback and hardback books, CD’s, DVD’s, VCD’s and research papers covering a range of topics which include but are not limited to:

  • Conflict Management
  • Peace-building
  • Gender
  • Human Rights
  • Organisational Development
  • Strategic Management


Our vision is for the Resource Centre to become an information hub for individuals from all walks of life with an interest in peace building. From government officials seeking information on transformation of conflicts similar to those they are experiencing within their ministries or departments, right through to students, Civil Society Organisations, development agencies and general members of the public.


In order to start borrowing books you will need to first become a member of the Resource Centre. You will need to complete an application form and submit it to the librarian together with your identification documents. Please note that there is a nominal annual membership fee.
Once your application has been approved, we will issue you with a membership card and you will be able to access the Resource Centre to borrow books or use the study space during opening hours.


The Resource Centre is located on the CCMT premises: 28 Oxford Avenue, Newlands, Harare


Monday – Thursday: 09:00 – 16:00
Friday: 09:00 – 13:00
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

*The library may be opened on a Saturday upon a users’ request.

For more information on the Resource Centre or membership enquiries, please email: info@ccmt.co.zw

Our Approach

  • Our non prescriptive method means that we only carry out interventions through responding to requests from the communities that approach CCMT themselves for the provision of conflict intervention services.
  • Prior to an intervention, CCMT project officers carry out sensitisation visits where communities are made aware of our services through orientation workshops.
  • Upon submission of a request, we will then work together with the communities involved to develop conflict interventions for that specific community issue.
  • We believe in assisting communities to recognise the value of working constructively with the conflicts they are experiencing, as transforming these conflicts will result in communities that function more effectively. By working with communities on real conflict issues that they are grappling with and transforming these, they begin to appreciate the value of their conflicts as opportunities for positive change.
  • In addition we work closely with selected community members in these interventions with the goal of developing their conflict transformation skills so that they can carry on their work beyond the CCMT intervention.

Responding to requests from communities helps us to ensure that our interventions are relevant to the community.

Wonder Phiri

Executive Director

Wonder Phiri has a background in Social Sciences and has been an active practitioner in the peace building fraternity for over the past 16 years. He has previous conflict and peace building management experience gained from working for donor organizations in Zimbabwe, Southern and East African Region. Wonder has extensive organizational development and institutional strengthening experience which will be crucial in the next few years as CCMT implements its new strategy. The main focus in the next four years is to lead CCMT to strategically position itself as an advocacy and peace building organization sensitive to gender and peace building and applying right based approach to programming.

Shingirai Cele

Finance and Administration Manager

Shingirai has an important task of overseeing CCMT’s administration, HR and Finance functions. With 10 years’ experience in financial management. Shingirai is responsible for coordination of day to day operations of CCMT, supervision of the administrative staff and producing timely and accurate financial reports for donors and the board of directors.

Xavier Mudangwe

Project Coordinator

Xavier Mudangwe is an experienced Conflict Transformation Practitioner and works as a project coordinator, coordinating different conflict transformation projects.

In the past 5 years, Xavier has worked in the area of peace building and conflict transformation at different levels. He initiated and successfully setup the Campus Sustained Dialogue Network (CSDN) a student peace building project at three state universities. This project provides platforms for university students to openly discuss issues affecting them at campus. His work extends to the rural areas where he is involved in peace building  and conflict transformation projects in the Midlands and Chirumanzu , Tongogara, Vungu and Zibagwe , a project that equips rural communities with conflict transformation knowledge and skills in a bid to create safe spaces with community members who dialogue on issues affecting the development of their areas. Through the coordination of peace building and conflict transformation projects he facilitates the engagements of community leaders in designing interventions that will see the achievement of economic and social justice within rural communities.

Xavier holds a BA Hons Degree and Development Studies with Midlands State University

Shadrek Vengesai

Research and Advocacy Coodinator

Shadreck Vengesai is a human rights expert with over 9 years’ experience working with local and international organizations. He has solid experience on research, advocacy and public policy. A holder of a Master of Laws Degree from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Shadreck has a passion for contributing to peace building by advocating for the review of policies and legislation that generate conflict among communities.

Margaret Chaikosa

Project Officer

Margaret Chaikosa is a development worker whose main strength is in conflict management. Her main goal is to intervene in community conflicts capacity building in conflict transformation and assisting communities to deal with their issues constructively. She has vast experience in conflict resolutions and transformation through mediation, negotiation, dialogue facilitation on issues affecting communities, organizations or institutions in terms of development. She has worked for various organizations at project level. Margaret holds a degree in education management, diploma in educations, certificate in conflict resolution, certificate in systemic child therapy and many other courses

Alethea Taruwinga

Project Officer

Alethea is a media and communications specialist who is highly disciplined and development oriented, with a passion for human development, mineral resource governance and public policy. She has extensive experience in the profit and non-profit sector working on  corporate communication, peace building, young women empowerment, media analysis and natural resource governance

Tungamirai Nyamakura

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Assistant)

Tungamirai under the Research and Advocacy Department is responsible for the strategic oversight,planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation for quality assurance and technical learning for all projects and program activities. His responsibility is ensuring that all our work on conflict management and transformation is well documented for internal and external stakeholder learning with continuous improvement of our intervention processes. He graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) in Peace and Governance with Bindura University of Science Education and he is a holder of Monitoring and Evaluation Executive Certificate with University of Zimbabwe. In addition, Tungamirai has skills in community conflict management and peacebuilding; and results based monitoring, evaluation and
learning. His interest for growth are around public policy management and human rights

Tsitsi Zano

Communication and Research Officer (Assistant)

Tsitsi is a communication officer experienced in developing and managing projects, campaigns, advocacy, and communication products that include communities of practice, policy briefs, factsheets, media releases, and digital communication. She is a holder of Bachelor of Arts English and Communication Honors Degree with Midlands State University. Her responsibility is to manage information dissemination on behalf of the organization.

Lucas Mujere


Lucas is a graduate intern under the Intervention department and is responsible for assisting project officers. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) Degree in Peace and Government and a Master of Science Degree in Peace and Governance with Bindura University of Science Education.

Ruth Manyangwe


Ruth Manyange is an intern currently studying Peace, Conflict and Governance at Great Zimbabwe University. She assists the research and development department. Ruth’s main interests focus on peace keeping and humanitarian work.